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Kathleen, Broker for Old Pacific Realty has the knowledge and experience to effectively work with the complexities of hotel land sites requirements for new hotel development and sales.

Hotel land sites should be listed by a commercial real estate firm with the knowledge and experience in dealing with the multitude of government agencies, local jurisdictions, rigid requirements for hotel sites to be developed in the state of California.  Title issues with complicated land site easements, possessory interests issues, which may date back over 100 years old. Encroachment issues, encumbrances along with complex entitlement requirements specific to the hotel industry are just a small part of the components which must be correctly mitigated and development issues resolved with all the required local and state agencies for a successful hotel site to be built in the State of California. 

Kathleen, Broker for Old Pacific Realty is a former Right of Way Agent working with California public entities, Telecom companies and private Fortune 500 companies properties on sites throughout California.

Hotel properties requires the knowledge of the business aspect of the hotels along with experience and network capabilities of hotel managements and owners of resort properties worldwide to properly expose the hotel to the marketplace nationally and internationally.  Global Marketing is translated in the country of origin.

Kathleen has worked with a variety of the largest hotel resort property management companies that operate resort hotels nationally and internationally.